Trust – Real References – Please call them:

We believe in doing our ‘due diligence’ and you should do yours. We will provide you with contact information for other commercial property managers we work with and we encourage you to call them.

Reputation & Real Customer Reviews:

We are the highest ranked company in Broward County with over 100 – 5 Star reviews on Google.

Skilled Labor

What are you paying for with Pink and Green? Why are they different?
Professional Employees: our lowest hourly wage is $16 per hour, this allows us to attract and keep the best workers. Most other lawn companies pay around $12 per hour.

Tracking Our Visits

You will know when we are coming because we email you the dates we are coming each month.
How long were we at your property? All of our lawn trucks have GPS Tracking devices that report when we arrived, how long we were there and when we left the property.


Our office staff is always available, English, Spanish & Portuguese, you are welcome to come by our office & nursery anytime, call, text or email, we are always available.

Your Property Specifics

All the details that are important to you and your community are documented and added to the scheduled, if needed with photos. These details are permanently attached to your schedule that is given to the foreman in charge of your HOA, retail plaza or corporate park before each visit.

Landscape Design and Installation

We own a 10 acre nursery stocked with thousands of plants, rocks, much, trees and other supplies.
We have a dedicated landscape installation crew for all your landscape plantings.
We create 3D Digital Renderings so you can see the landscape design before we install.

The Bidding Process:

Now that you have found the most reputable, highest ranked company with the most experienced professional staff, you need 3 bids.  We have included 3 lawn maintenance bids for you to choose from. Our 3 bids give you flexibility to meet your budget.

Warning: the bidding process gets you price not professional service:

Most lawn companies promise the world but in actuality they plan on cutting corners by:

  • not putting down the proper amount of fertilizer, if any at all.
  • not properly performing a monthly wet check
  • not sharpening their grass mower blades every week
  • they don’t have the ability to diagnose issues such as: fungus, over watering, pests, dying trees…
  • 32 grass cuts actually ends up only being 28-29 grass cuts if you’re not paying attention.

Instead of bidding – hire the best the lawn service company with the best references and reputation and then negotiate the right amount of time and manpower that will be spent on the property to meet your expectations.

Understanding Our 3 Bids

We make the same margin, the same amount of money on each one, it makes no difference to us which one you pick.

The more you spend, the more time we spend to provide better service, you get what you pay for.
The reason we give 3 bids in 1 is because we know your choice is a combination of service level and budget.

This gives you the ability to see exactly what you are getting for your money.

  • Exactly how many workers will be on site each visit
  • Exactly how many hours they will be there for each service
  • Exactly how much lawn fertilizer they will be applying

Our goal is to be transparent so that you can see that you are getting what you are paying for.

We own a Landscape Supply Center

We have access to a large variety of plants, shrubs, trees, rock and mulch at our finger-tips.

Experienced Crews

Our landscape techs are trained, skilled and experienced. Every job is different however our guys know how to overcome hurdles.


Communication is key to moving any project towards completion. Our office staff is always available to discuss give project updates or changes to the landscape plans or timeline.


We have over 800 online reviews between Google, Angie’s List and Yelp. We get most of new clients from referrals. This is a testament to the work we do and the processes we use to get things done right.