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We use fertilizer designed for optimal release, developed by agricultural scientists with a combined knowledge and applied direct experience of over 200 years. The product is based on front-line agriscience and old world good land stewardship practice, and adheres to the USDA’s Best Management Practices (BMP).

  • Safe for Children & Pets
  • We DON’T come every 60-90 days to spray chemicals that make your grass green for a few weeks. No, we spray every 30 days and we spray not only your grass but your trees and plants every month with live microorganisms, probiotics & vitamins.
  • Enhances soil health by nurturing the soil microbes that help make soil nutrients available to plants.
  • Long-term lawn maintenance of balanced healthy bacteria populations in the soil.

Just like your body, your lawn craves certain nutrients in order to be healthy. Organic and non-organic lawn fertilizer can make all the difference in a vibrant, thriving lawn.

The greatest way to see lawn improvements is to feed it with an organic lawn fertilizer. It will create healthier grass that can fight the summer heat, the chilly winter, and other trauma that it goes through. Typically, homeowners feel like feeding their lawn once a year is sufficient, but it rarely is. A professional lawn treatment service technician will be able to identify the types of grasses you have and plan a lawn treatment outline for you. Lawn treatment service plans usually couple lawn pest control service with fertilization to ensure for a healthy lawn.

Another major benefit of lawn fertilization service is that your lawn will be better able to prevent weed infestations. Weeds can choke out your grass from the needed sunlight, making wilt and discoloration possible. Not to mention, walking barefoot in the grass shouldn’t be uncomfortable!

Deciding to have a great lawn is the first step. Consistent professional lawn treatment will help your lawn not only be healthy and strong, but also great to look at!

Fertilization Tip:

Start a 4 monthly rotation of fertilizing all of your trees, then shrubs, then grass lastly spray just the weeds in grass with weed killer.  Repeat the cycle over and over.  Unless you have a cow and some chickens roaming your yard eating bugs and fertilizing naturally, your foliage will not be receiving the proper nutrients it needs.  Without nutrients your plants will not have a strong immune system to fight off bugs and disease. Your palms will become yellow, your plants will not bloom instead they will eventually look worn, weathered and die.  You must feed them!  Important – use the expensive fertilizer, it’s not that much more than the cheap stuff and doesn’t have all the useless fillers.  Or you should just hire a reputable monthly fertilization service. It’s important that someone is evaluating the trees, lawn and shrubs monthly.

Pests, disease, fungus and other issues can take over a yard quickly and be very destructive, 60-90 days is a long time for fungus to spread across you whole lawn and bugs the eat your plants like a Chinese buffet!