Our Residential Landscaping Services

Pink and Green began it’s residential landscape company in 2009. Pink and Green has earned the reputation as one of South Florida’s premiere local landscapers for nearly 10 years. We are proud members of Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA).  Pink and Green has earned landscape certifications through FNGLA and carries all required licences and insurance.

As a company it is our passion and livelihood to cultivate the environment at Pink and Green. Our number one goal to exceed your expectations with a yard that is colorful, hardy and easy to maintain. Whether you interested in landscape design and installation, maintenance services, seasonal flowers and color our staff are nearby and ready to assist you needs.

Residential Landscaping Services:

Popular Landscape Design Styles:

  • Full or Lush Tropical
  • Clean and Simple
  • Xeriscape
  • Manicured or Tiered
  • Mediterranean
  • Many More.

What Makes Our Company Different?

Unlike the majority of residential landscaping companies, we at Pink and Green are distributors of plants, mulch and rock. This gives us a competitive edge on other landscape companies or landscapers.

  • Low Maintenance – Our design installations are easy to maintain. Low maintenance means less time and money to keep the property in shape.
  • Colorful – We always use lots of color in our design installations. We own a 7.5 acre nursery and grow a large variety of vibrant species. What we know people like.
  • Hardy – Our design installations are built to last. The heat in South Florida can be brutal. We install hardy plants and ground cover to withstand the weather year-round.


Why We Are The Best Local Residential Landscaping Company

As a residential landscaping company in South Florida, we at Pink and Green help our clients achieve their landscape maintenance and lawn care goals – on time, efficiently, and at a competitive price. We understand budgets, timelines and quality of work are of utmost importance to our customers. When we develop and implement our plans we always take these factors into account.

Updating your home’s with beautiful front yard landscape or backyard landscaping is a great way to increase the value of your property and create outdoor spaces that are both relaxing and pleasing to the eye. With backyard landscaping you can create a space for entertaining family and friends by creating a comfortable retreat. In the front yard we can create curb appeal with beautiful walkways, tree islands, and eco-friendly gardens. We have completed over 400 front yard and backyard landscaping projects near both Miami and Fort Lauderdale surrounding areas (near Weston, Boca Raton, Hollywood and Coral Gables) since we opened our doors in 2009. We are your residential landscape designer.

Residential Landscaping Companies

Our Approach to Landscaping

What you get with Pink and Green is a proven track record. Where quality meets service – you will find Pink and Green.  We have earned our reputation here in South Florida by designing one house at a time. We encourage potential customers to do a Google search on us. Our reviews speak for themselves and are a testament to our approach to landscaping.

Customer Service

We answer the phone! Unlike many smaller landscaping companies here in South Florida we have office staff with experienced people who are responsive to you. Whether you have a question about the landscaping process or how to maintain it, we are always available. Our scheduling and our billing departments coordinate with you to ensure a smooth relationship.

Unparalleled Creativity

Some people have what it takes to make create something extraordinary. They have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ or the “it” factor. Our landscape designer always develops a design that exceeds the expectations of the customer. His experience coupled with his artistry makes for amazing designs. He is very hands-on to make sure the guys in the field implement his designs perfectly. He also provides the customer and the guys in the field a 3D digital design to use as a map to follow.


We have been in the business here in South Florida for over 10 years. We have over 800 online reviews between Google, Angie’s List and Facebook. Our employees have been with us a long time. We have put together a team of experts who know our process and know it works. The end-product speaks for itself.


Yes, the end product. You will not be disappointed. We have designed and installed hundreds of yards here in South Florida. Although no two are alike, we consisting ‘hit the ball out of the park’. We are not satisfied unless we exceed our customer’s expectations.

How to Choose a Landscaper?

Do your due diligence before selecting a residential landscape services provider. We at Pink and Green are sure after doing so you will be more than comfortable with your decision to go with us. Of course, we are licensed and insured but that alone doesn’t set us apart from our competition. It’s our family values, work ethics and extensive experience in landscaping services that really sets us apart from other landscape companies. We are the professional landscaper for your next project. We are a cut above other residential landscaping companies.

The Landscape Design Process

Customers are always looking for ideas to implement in their yard. The one come thread is that they want the end result to be hardy, colorful and easy to maintain. We always try to work within those parameters. Based on Pink and Green’s 10+ years of experience designing and installing residential landscapes we know what works. We believe each and every house and homeowner is unique. We work to develop a unique design based on needs and style preference.

Pink and Green uses a landscape design software to develop digital renderings of your property. Within this digital rendering software we can add, change and tweak plants, trees, mulch, rock or any landscape product. We go back in forth with homeowners on amounts of product, color and size until they are 100% satisfied.  he approach has worked out great for everyone because we essentially know what the yard will look like before a shovel, pickaxe or tiller enters the ground. Our company mantra is exceed the expectations for each every customer.

The South Florida Landscape

South Florida is known for it’s weather and it’s beauty which go hand and hand. South Florida’s east-coast residents sprawl from the beach’s of Miami westward towards the Everglades – river of grass. The natural beauty as been replaced by man made structures. As a company we feel it is our duty to sprinkle in as much beauty will plants and trees as possible.

We add beauty with greenery, green spaces and colorful flowering plants. We also add texture by installing mulch and rocks. We enjoy creating lush environments so our clients have to go no further then there backyard to appreciate the beauty of nature and remember why they live in South Florida.

Landscape Material Selection Process

Depending on the what you are looking for with your landscaping there are different types of plants that will suit the needs of the project. Some residents are looking for privacy therefore we would come out and install a tall privacy hedge. For this type of project we would typically use either Clusia or Podocarpus  Other folks are looking for tiered  layers then we would probably use a Pinwheel Jasmine or one of the many varieties of Crotons.

We also like to install unique accent plants like Topiaries, Bougainvilleas and Birds of Paradise to add color and textures to landscape islands or swales. Then in between we add ground cover such as Foxtail Ferns, Liriope or Portuloca. Lastly we ass either mulch or rock to add a layer of protection to the plant roots and soil.

Tip for Landscaping Residential New Construction

Planning the landscape of the new property is certainly an exciting part the construction process. The possibilities are endless before jumping in too fast it’s import to develop a plan or action. The reality is that as exciting as it may be planning the landscaping of the new property is not a cakewalk. A well thought out plan of execution can go a long way in keeping the landscape within budget, hardy and durable Take some time out to scrutinize the following – the health of the substrate, South Florida’s sun exposure and water accessibility. Having these insights ahead of time will make the installation process much more fruitful in the long run.

Landscaping Ideas – South Florida

Full or Lush Tropical

Many residents choose to embrace South Florida’s tropical vibe by incorporating colorful plants with exotic blooms and foliage into their yard. Tropical landscape designs beam with growth as temperatures of the warmer months increase.  The majority of tropical plants insist on moisture – the more they have the more they grow. The caveat is tropical plants require organic rich soil.

Clean and Simple

As with anything in life, sometimes less is more. The same concept applies to landscaping your Broward County yard. Palms are strategically placed surrounded by accent plants and mulch or rock to keep the soil moist and limit weed growth. This type of landscaping is often accompanied with borders to contain the landscape and separate it from the lawn in a clean/sleek manner.

Rock or Xeriscape

Many people mistake Xeriscape landscaping with simply planting desert plants which are not very attractive by themselves. Xeriscaping is the practice of landscaping in such a manner that conserves the use of water. This practice saves money over the long-term as less watering is needed throughout the year. We have installed many Xeriscape designs throughout Broward County and the residents are always extremely satisfied. Many times this design incorporates the majority of the yard reducing the lawn portion and the need to maintain it.

Manicured or Tiered Hedges

The defining characteristic of this type of landscape design is it’s use of clearly defined spaces – both horizontal and vertical space. Tiered hedges are used at distinct heights to create the vertical spaces. Borders and pathways integrated into the design add  a nice manicured look.


Do you envision yourself sitting in your backyard enjoying a glass of wine surrounded by a Mediterranean Oasis? We have installed many of this type of yard throughout Broward County. The main component that distinguishes this type of design from the rest is the use of vines. Vines with colorful blooms can be planted to sprawl walls and fences that surround your while you enjoy the shade.

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