Pink and Green has completed many sod installation projects over the years. Whether the job is residential yard or large commercial property our landscape installation crew is available to  get it done. St Augustinegrass is the typical choice for lawns here in South Florida. It quickly establishes itself once planted. St Augustinegrass does require water to stay green during periods of drought, however it doesn’t need more water than other grass species to remain green.

Sod comes in pallets which our crews will either bring or have delivered to the property. Sometimes there is prep-work that needs to be done before the sod can be installed. It is also highly recommend to have your irrigation system in proper working order before installation begins.

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Sod Installation Process

  • Ground Preparation – Mow existing lawn at lowest setting, till the ground to depth of 4 inches, rakes out the weeds and debris, then damped soil with hose.
  • Installing Sod – Lay sod in a straight line following the string line. Keep the rows tight together
  • Watering – apply water to the lawn in short intervals of five to 10 minutes throughout the day for a 7 to 10 days. Then water the lawn for the next 7 days once-a-day to apply 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water each day.