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Miramar, FL Commercial Landscaping Services

We have been serving Miramar since we started our company back in 2009. In fact we have a large customer base here in Miramar, FL. We are grateful to the residents who were there in the beginning. In fact, a large amount of them are still with us today. We have grown, but our attention to detail and customer service has remained the same. We specialize in the Sunset Lakes Lawn Service. Residential and commercial Miramar Lawn Service is what we do, so let us do it.

iramar, FL Landscaping Services

Pink and Green is a great reliable residential and commercial landscaping company. Their work is superb and they always make sure it is to your satisfaction. Their office staff and crew members are polite and courteous - always a pleasure to work with. I enjoy their monthly automatic bill payment system, so there is no need to worry about paying your bill. My favorite feature they offer is their monthly e-mails with your service dates for that month - there is a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing when to expect people on your property.

Rating: 5

Commercial Landscaping Service

Miramar, FL is where Pink and Green started. After crafting our business skills in corporate America, the owners of Pink and Green decided to take their business acumen and apply it to their passion. The competition and unpredictable weather in South Florida makes for many challenges in running a successful lawn service company. And we love a challenge. Our billing system, scheduling process and customers service makes working with us easy. Miramar, FL has a place in our hearts. We still maintain the first lawn we cut back in 2009 till this day.

Commercial Lawn Care Services we provide:

  • Miramar Lawn Service
  • Miramar Lawn Maintenance
  • Miramar Lawn Care Service
  • Miramar Lawn Mowing
  • Lawn Pest Control
  • Organic Lawn Fertilizer
  • Tree Trimming Service in Miramar

Zip Codes we service: 33023, 33025, 33027, 33029 and 33083

Q & A

Answers to commonly asked questions from the Property Managers

What is included in standard commercial lawn maintenance?

The typical lawn maintenance contract includes mowing the lawn, trimming of the hedges and shrubs, edging and trimming of all turf, sidewalk, parking lots, fences. Flowerbeds and all other surfaced areas bordered by grass should be edged after every mow. All clippings should be blown off sidewalks, curbs, streets and driveways after each mow.

Additionally, many maintenance contracts will also include:

If these add-on services are not included most commercial lawn companies will offer these services al la cart.

When is the best time of year to fertilize?

The optimal to the lawn or landscape during the Spring, Summer or Fall. It is best to avoid plant and grass fertilization during Winter. Reason being, in the Winter the grass is dormant and does not absorb the nitrogen from the fertilizer. The cold weather leads to cool season fungus' and 'brown patch fungus'; adding fertilizer to the mix will cause these fungi to spread.

Plants don't utilize much fertilizer during the cold weather months and any tender new growth shoots that are brought on by the feeding of fertilizer can be damaged by cold.

How often should the trees be trimmed?

It is recommended that trees be trimmed throughout the year versus having them all trimmed at one time. Seed pods on palm trees are opening up all year round. Seeds fall and attract ducks and unwanted pests that will eat them. Seed pods fall in the hedges which become buried and start to grow little new palms trees throughout the flower beds. Seeds can fall in the walkways and be a tripping or slipping hazard. Open seed pods attract bees.

Trimming small amounts every month is less stressful and damaging to the trees. The trees aesthetically look much better because they always look trimmed as opposed to waiting 1 year before trimming again.

What is a wet check?

A wet-check is a monthly service where an irrigation technician visits a commerical property and physically tests the irrigation system to ascertain if it is functioning properly. The irrigation technician inspects all sprinkler heads, valves and rotators as well as looking for breaks in the PVC pipe.

A wet-check report is put together along with an estimate to repair damages. These items are typically sent the property manager or a HOA board president for approval.

How many times a year should the lawn be cut?

Grass grows at different rates during different times of the year. Therefore, we recommend cutting the grass 3 times a month during the hot humid growing months. On the other hand during the cool season when the grass and shrubs become dormant we recommend cutting the grass 2 times a month.

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Miramar Landscaping design and installation is what Pink and Green Lawn Care and Landscape does, so let us do it. Let Pink and Green add some color to your Miramar property.